Pre wedding photography session, 5 reasons to have one

Does the thought of an engagement session (or pre-wedding photography) freak you out?  Maybe the idea of putting yourself in front of a camera feels terrifying!!? You’d be surprised how often I hear “I hate being in front of the camera”. Many featured below said the same before their pre wedding shoots.

Pre wedding photography session, 5 reasons to have one

You’re worrying you might be anxious, feel silly or you won’t know how to stand , I get that, but after a short while with me, I promise you’ll forget that and be just YOU, like these lovely couples all did. Read on to find out 5 reasons why you will should have one!


1 meet with your photographer

A pre-wedding shoot gives us that chance to meet and connect with each other. We find out more about each other and how we’ll work together, and have fun! You’ll tell me afterwards you actually enjoyed it. When I turn up on your wedding day, you’ll already be over worrying that I get you both!! You just are left to relax and enjoy your wedding!


2 RELAX into it

What if we stiffen up?? I have ways to help relax you and get honest, non-posed emotions. You’ll forget I’m there! We can find a cafe first if you wish and we will have a good old chat about your wedding over a cuppa! Even the most nervous of people tell me it was FUN!



3 Lets ROCK that location

Whether we meet somewhere colourful, architectural, or countrysidey, you can rely on me to get some stunning images that will make you happy! Somewhere familiar or that means something to you both.






Pre wedding photography session, 5 reasons to have one

4 You’ll feel wedding ready!

Couples who have a pre-wedding shoot tell me they can’t wait to do it all again but in their wedding clothes! This means you will enjoy your special day all the more, you’ll know exactly what to expect. The images we create are a lovely record of the pair of you together, how you were feeling at that time. Being engaged is fun! I want you to feel and celebrate that! My couples that have an engagement shoot tell that it actually helps them focus on what’s left to do and to feel like ‘we are nearly there now’.



5 Other important people

Hey wait a minute … you love your dog? And you want to bring him too? No problem! We’ll get creative but of course it’s YOU TWO who are centre stage!


So don’t worry – go for it, and enjoy! Couples tell me that this part of their wedding planning was the most fun and enjoyable!! You get a downloadable gallery of edited images (over 100 photos on a full session).

Why not have a look at my pre-wedding portfolio ?
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