Crystals and magic inspirations – Wedding Industry themes for 2016

The wedding industry reveals common themes each year, both fresh trends, recently unveiled,and classic trends that stand the test of time. The 2016 predicted trends have been revealed and wow what do you know,  a shoot I did for Mr and Mrs Unique last October contains so many of the elements in the newly unveiled trends for this year. Some of these photos of mine were featured on Rock and Roll Bride blog, a great go-to blog for all brides looking for inspiration. If you are looking for ideas or suppliers and have yet to decide how your day is going to look, just read on.  I’ll tell you more about the trends for this year too.

Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0001


2016 sees the continuation of the popular festival vibe, which we have enjoyed for a while. What’s not to love about an open sided gorgeous teepee or yurt, with a booze bar and free reign on what you put where?  A few of my couples have told they either met their other half there, or that with festivals being part of them as a couple, their obvious choice for throwing a big party would be to rock that festival feeling too! To have open fields and working with surrounding landscape and incorporating trees in the tents.Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0002


I firmly believe that every wedding is unique and you can just do what the hell you want, it’s your day and whatever you choose you call the shots.

Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0003Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0004Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0005
Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0008Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0007Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0009Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0010Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0011Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0012



So the leading wedding trends tell us that in 2016, we will see natural elements, metallic accents, and opulent flair combined with a cool colour palette. They say that the 2016 Pantone Colour of the Year, is the blending of two shades: Rose Quartz and Serenity. There are suggestions of dual colours, like lavender with deep violet.  Accents are about mixed metallics, gun metal, rose gold and gun metal. There will be dual tones for every style from rustic to glam.Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0013Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0014Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0015



Flowers are moving away from pastel vintage, but oversized floral installations the bigger the better and an abundant design. These amazing crowns and bouquets were from The Basement florist. The season trends for venue decor to have more floral focal areas, threaded flowers, hanging flowers, floral chandeliers and floral walls are apparently here to stay. Bright seasonal flowers such as Peonies and dahlias to bring . A romantic feel and stunning foliage to add an extra dimension.

Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0016

Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0017Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0018Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0019


The trends predict that minerals, chunks of quartz will be used as display pieces and unpolished stones on tables, even moving into stationary and the cakes. Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0020Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0021Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0022Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0023Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0024Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0025Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0026Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0027Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0028Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0029Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0030Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0031Quartz stone wedding woodland shoot_0032






There’s also more move to Food and drink options being be woven into the day…more crafted drinks, and drinks Mixology is a big hit. How your wedding food is served will demand more interaction with your guests. I was reminded of this lovely diy wedding where guests were treated to cocktails made by Liquid Chefs team,  a beautiful pretty cocktail with CO2 billowing over the top of lavender boozy prettiness!

This woodland witchy inspired shoot focused around gemstones. The cake was by the amazing Nevie Pie cakes and the stones for the shoot were from local shot Harvest Moon. Alice from Fleur de Lace styled the table exquisitely with blooms from The Basement Florist. Erica from Mr and Mrs Unique pulled all the shoot together and her wedding directory is completely a go to place for brides to find these kind of suppliers. You can come and meet us all at the next Tie the Knot Wedding fair in May!




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