Meet ‘Love from Hetty and Dave’ handcrafted leather jewellery maker

I’ve always loved buying and following independent designers work. So this shoot was heaps of fun for me! I got to photograph Zoe,  who is ‘Love from Hetty and Dave‘ handcrafted leather jewellery maker. Zoe is really talented and lovely and I recently went to her Bournemouth studio to take some photos. We had a great catch up and chatted for ages. I enjoyed seeing some familiar items and some new ones too. I’m addicted to her colourful pretty instagram feed,  where she shares her designs, as she cuts and stitches all manner of things in beautiful soft leather. There’s recently been the addition of some items in a Vegan-‘ leather’ too! Her sweet cat Jack also joined in the shoot!

Those who know me also know I LOVE my unusual quirky jewellery, and Hetty and Dave have been one of my favourites for years. When I’m photographing weddings I often wear one of her pieces. My silver speech bubble which says “SMILE” always gets commented on, people telling me how apt it is and how much it makes them smile. One bride who was stressed out, said ” I just keep looking at your necklace and it makes me happy”. Zoe even made my logo up in the greatest little leather brooch too! I just love it. Brides reading this, read on!! She was working on a beautiful collection of bespoke brooches for amazing alternate button holes. I’ve always enjoyed photographing my own pieces creatively and sharing them on my Instagram.  I was like a kid in a sweet shop during this shoot.  All her designs are playful and colourful, and there is so much more than just jewellery, (arrghhh check out the sweet Unicorn and flamingo plushies) and the pumps are embellished with rabbits, badgers, tigers, you name it, she creates it.

Zoe is inspired by South American folk art, vintage design and 1950s kitsch. In 2004 she was selling in various markets in London and soon established a cult following. Often when I’m talking about her when people remark on pieces I wear, I tell them about the piece that Amy Winehouse famously wore in her hair, a red leather padded heart with BLAKE on it. It just shows the power of good eye catching design and photography that so many then realise they already know this amazing brand.

Zoe, it was lovely to spend time with you and Jack in the studio…now I must away and select which of my many pieces I put on my collar for tomorrow’s wedding!


hetty and dave leather jewellery designerhetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0004


hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0027hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0026hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0025hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0024hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0023hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellry-accesories-sharon-cooper_0022Zoe Larkins from Love from Hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0021hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0020Bee necklace by Love from hetty-and-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0019hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0018

hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0005hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0006Flamingo pumps by Love from hetty-and dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0007Unicorn plus by Love from hetty-and-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0008hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0009hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0010hetty-and-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0011hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0012hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0013hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0014hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0015hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0016hetty-dave-handcrafted-leather-jewellery-accesories-sharon-cooper_0017

I loved looking at Zoe’s sketchbooks and seeing her beautifully organised studio, who doesnt love having a peek into someone else’s workspace and wish theirs was as organised!  You can find items to order available via mail order or check out her etsy page too, so you just have to find your first piece and get addicted like me!

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