Clerkenwell Vinyl Lounge by Camille Walala

Vinyl lounges are definitely popular places to hang out! Somewhere cool to chill and listen to our beloved Vinyl!In a period of declining music sales, the vinyl market is bucking the trend and seems to continue to grow. The vinyl revival has been hard to miss. While sales of CDs continue to fall, the 12inch record appears to have come back from the dead. A place to go and buy or listen to vinyl seems to appeal to many.

I visited the super colourful Clerkenwell Vinyl Lounge. As part of London Design Festival 2017 ‘ Design Undefined’ in Clerkenwell London, one of my favourite artists had given it a makeover!

I love Camille’s crazy mix of powerfull, bright colours, they make me happy! You might remember this family shoot at the Splice building in Shoreditch that had received a makeover from her. I popped in to the vinyl lounge, just before meeting with a bride and groom. Here’s some of my favourite photos from the visit.

My hometown, Hitchin in Hertfordshire has also just opened up a vinyl lounge Gatefold Lounge, another notch to reinforce that Hitchin is very firmly on the map as the coolest place outside of London to live!




If you want to pop into Hitchin’s Vinyl Lounge, check out their details on their facebook page…’s a photo
Gatefold Vinyl Lounge Hitchin by Sharon Cooper

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