Summertime Sisters – A Walk In The Country

sharon_cooper_megan_lola_018On a beautiful August morning, I joined this lovely family for a walk in a nearby village. Little Megan and Lola just looked adorable in blue – sweetness itself.  But truly, more than looking sweet, they really are. Such caring, dear sisters, it really was a pleasure to take their photos.  A loving calm mum and dad, clearly have had the right influence. Often at this age children aren’t themselves for someone new, but with the right approach I endeavour to really capture their characters. We walked, and chatted, joked and before long they were clearly at ease. They stopped as we walked alongside a swaying wheat field … “That’s alot of weetabix!” exclaimed Lola, pointing around the field. So we walked in, had a look at the corn, and I took some photos. We also stopped by a mass of pretty mixed coloured flowers, and the girls (avoiding bees) just smiled and chatted about with me about their Summer and their return to school.  A truly lovely shoot, and fun for us all. Much more than just picture taking. I hope you like the photos girls 🙂


Sisters it seems, know exactly each other’s ‘tickle spot’!sharon_cooper_megan_lola_011sharon_cooper_megan_lola_012sharon_cooper_megan_lola_014sharon_cooper_megan_lola_015sharon_cooper_megan_lola_016sharon_cooper_megan_lola_017sharon_cooper_megan_lola_019sharon_cooper_megan_lola_020sharon_cooper_megan_lola_021sharon_cooper_megan_lola_001sharon_cooper_megan_lola_002sharon_cooper_megan_lola_003sharon_cooper_megan_lola_004

Unprompted cuddles are the best type.sharon_cooper_megan_lola_005sharon_cooper_megan_lola_006sharon_cooper_megan_lola_007sharon_cooper_megan_lola_008

If you would like special images of your children, Id love to hear about a favourite place you share, or I have lots of perfect locations I can suggest.


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