Racing Cars in the woods – A fun family photo shoot adventure

family_laycock_002What an absolute pleasure it was to capture some special family time for this lovely family. We really had an adventure. Chris enquired about booking ‘a family portrait’, he added  “….I am looking to get something more interesting than bland, staged, studio shots, we are all ears for some ideas on what we can do?” Now this is music to my ears, I love this type of enquiry, so I asked him to tell me about the family and the sort of things they love doing together.  To get real emotion and happiness shining through in your photos, I love to capture things that mean the most to you. Chris told me how they love going for walks with their dear little Westie, called Abbey, and also about his sons love of cars which possibly stems from Chris’s love of his Lotus Kit car.  He shared some of the lovely photos he had taken and I spotted Will’s toy car! That was it I couldnt find a slot quick enough for them! It seemed just perfect for me to ask them to bring the dog and the cars to our photo shoot.  I was lucky to have Kat as assistant, as juggling a 20 month old, two cars and a dog on the sun filled, village lanes I knew might bring some challenges! As the shoot went on, I could really see the deep love between each parent and their special little boy, with all their adoring smiles and giggles.  I can tell how loved he is, so the magic moments, of which there are many, were a real delight to capture.


Little Will and Abbey both very at home exploring the woods. Delightful chasing after the pair of them, they both really did determine which path we choose!



Will is just at that stage of knowing and lovingpointing out facial features, he was adorable here, gently pointing to mummy’s eyes, although he wasn’t quite as delicate when it came to ‘Daddy’s nose’!family_laycock_007family_laycock_008


Will loves his little toy car, but equally its as much fun in Daddy’s car, he loved the games we played when we took these!

family_laycock_015He seemed happiest behind the wheel of Daddy’s car, if you ask me!family_laycock_016family_laycock_013family_laycock_014

This is a selection of the photos taken on our photo shoot, if you would like a really fun photo experience for your family please get in touch.

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