A Film auction for Team Super Seraph

What in life could be more important or fulfilling than giving the hope of life to a

child and his parents?

What if you could do that, in return for a beautiful film of someone you love?

I’m a photographer who loves making films. You can see some of the ones I’ve made – of my own family members – at the bottom of this page.I am offering up this exclusive opportunity for a beautiful, personal and unique film to be made about your loved one that will capture everlasting memories for you and your family to enjoy forever.Here are some of the comments people made about those short films:

“Sharon you’ve depicted him beautifully. A stunning film.”

“Sharon this is beautiful beyond description. I can’t even put words to it; it’s so perfect and so important and captures everything perfectly.”

“So lovely, a really honest portrayal. I would give anything to look back on a memory such as this of my dear old dad.”

My lovely friend, Cass, has two gorgeous sons. The younger, Seraph, has High Risk Neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of paediatric cancer. He has been through so much: surgery, chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, radiotherapy and currently immunotherapy. He’s been incredibly brave throughout all of that. When Seraph’s NHS treatment finishes in June 2019, his only remaining hope is a vaccine in the USA, which he needs to have as soon as the NHS treatment has completed.

Seeing everything that Cass and her family have been through has made me even happier to have captured on film memories of people I love most, who I know won’t be here for ever. So, if you would love the same . . .

Team Super Seraph

I have decided to auction off a film ‘A day in the life of …’ The highest bidder will receive a whole day of my time filming, plus all the extra hours needed for editing and production. The day itself will be nothing but fun (you can read testimonials of others I’ve worked with here). Soon after that, you will have your own film to keep for ever.

All you need to do now is head to HERE and place your bid. Why not get together with family members and bid for this together? This auction ends on 10th March at 9pm.  I will be in touch with the winner to arrange me making the film.
Here is are two examples of the kind of film I’ll make for you.

What do you get?

• Friendly chat up front, with me meeting the subject of your film
• Me spending a relaxed and non-intrusive day with them, videoing clips of how the day
• My work editing the film, adding a music track, and creating the completed film
• Some stills from the film for you to keep
• Lasting special memories, to share with your family and friends

So, please follow THIS LINK to bid for a film made especially for you. (NB Auction commences 28th February 9pm and finishes Sunday 10th March 9pm)

Your contribution will make a BIG difference to Cass and her family.

Click here to find out more about Super Seraph 


A Film auction for Team Super Seraph


  • Fantastic idea for family memories. Reminiscent of the old 35mm film reel, great idea!

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