Two Thousand and Fourteen – My year

Wow, what a year. I feel so lucky that my job gives me such a sense of pride and joy. This year I have met so many amazing people and photographed in some of my absolute favourite places. If this is the first time you have visited my blog, you can find out more about me here, and follow me on your favourite social media channel including; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

I’ve learnt that regardless of any wedding detail and location, it is all about YOU, the couple who put your trust in me. The journey following booking is as important to me. I’ve loved getting to know my couples and got excited alongside them. I’ve photographed large weddings, two with 9 bridesmaids, I’ve photographed intimate small weddings. I’ve returned to many venues that I’ve previously photographed at, but always strived to make each set of wedding photos unique and personal. I’ve had fun in London, Sussex, York, Liverpool as well as in Herts, Beds, Cambs, plus I flew out to Poland for an amazing wedding there; each special day is uniquely beautiful and completely different.

I’ve taken a big hard look at myself and how I work, and feel elated when I read messages of thanks, saying I gave my all, how committed and part of each wedding I became. I’ve made new friends, and enjoyed staying in touch – when you share such an important day and are the one to help the memories, it’s like you have a magic key. From first meeting, to pre wedding shoots, to contact before the wedding day, these friendships bloom. When I turn up at the wedding day, I instantly feel comfortable, trusted and able to be creative. This year I have also had the pleasure of some family shoots for some of my past couples, and that is an absolute honour and joy for me.

I’ve learnt the importance of what is photographed and that at some point the photos will be looked at with a touch of sadness. Your day is shared with all those who you love and care for, they are very important. Through my own loss in the middle of this year, I am reminded that there comes a time for all of us when we need to look back at someone’s life and to cling on to the precious memories we shared with them. Every wedding I attend there is a solomn nod to family who are loved but no longer able to share the day.

I have a continual drive to be the best I can, to try new things and to learn more and push myself. I’ve had three awesome opportunities to do that this year with photographers I admire and have taken so much from. Other non-wedding work has been fabulous too, photographing for companies, businesses, actors, and fashion. I’ve had more weddings featured on top wedding blogs and magazines too.

I’ve selected some wedding photos from the past 12 months, thank you for being awesome and welcoming me into your wedding day. If you want to see that full wedding, just click on their names. I can’t wait to do it all again in 2015!

Emily and Adam were married in Woolwich Register office and then held a party a few weeks later at British Schools museum. Emily made everything herself, her dress, her amazing bouquet, the buttonholes and the amazing snuff bar at her reception. The wedding was featured on Rock and Roll Bride and Emily really was ‘Rock and Roll’.


Marta and Cliff asked me which dates I was available and they planned their date around me, flying me out to Bydgoszcz for their fantastic day, an art deco hotel with a vintage car ride around the city just me and them, to take their photos was a whole lot of fun!


Jen and Dan had a romantic wedding in the Cotswolds, full of emotion, fun and activity.


Karen and Mark had an amazingly multi-coloured and fun wedding at one of my favourite places, Butterfly World.


Laura and Paul had a perfectly sweet wedding at Tewin Bury farm, with gorgeous flowers, amazing succulents and tip top decorated barn, all designed by Laura herself.

Hayley and Brett were married on a superb happy Summer’s day in the amazing grounds and the Gipsy caravans at South Farm. Hayley’s wedding was featured here on Love my Dress blog too.

Scarlet and Matthew were married at the incredible Sir Basil Spence building in Sussex, it inspired their whole day, with these amazing multi coloured details, that Scarlet and Matthew made entirely themselves. A beautiful day filled with so much love. They sang “God only knows” by the beach boys and “Fantasy by Earth wind and fire in place of hymns.

Fiona and Paul were married at Shortmead House, and she touchingly wore her Mother’s original 1970 dress, it was her way of feeling that part of her Dad could be with her on her emotional but amazing day.


Vicky and Bob planned an amazing outdoor wedding, with a yurt, tipi and hand made bar in the woods. It was a diy woodland festival wedding.


Steph and Benni came over from Germany for a very special intimate wedding celebration, to revisit the area the bride had grown up. They also brought their amazing dog with them, and he appeared to be a very important guest!


Claire and Simon married in Saltwell Towers in Newcastle, a place they often go with their beloved dog Alfie, who also was a big part of the day!


Sophie and Sam were married at Coltsfoot Retreat, their bridesmaids were Sophies two beautiful identical twin daughters. It was a touching day, and a winter wedding where Mr Claus marries Mrs Claus, well, thats just too cute!

Chessie and Dan were married just a few weeks ago, at Chelsea Register office, with a Red bus taking all the bridal group and guests back to a fantastic party afterwards. Chessie was the second bride this year who made all her own confetti, hers was snowflake stamped out of beautiful white and cold tissue paper. It looked superb.

Chelsea and Gavin had a day filled with love and surrounded by so many important people, Chelsea did not stop smiling all day. Their Mariachi band and laser show in the evening were fantastic.


So there we have it, please click on the links to see their full blog post, as the narrative just cannot be explained by me picking out a handful of photos. It’s been an amazing year, thank you if you are one of those I photographed. I’d love to hear from you if you have a few moments, please leave me a comment below. If you are planning your wedding and any of this has inspired you, please tell me too!

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