Sarah Graham The Artist

My amazing talented friend Sarah Graham the artist, asked me to take some new photos of her in her new studio. She is currently working on the biggest single canvas since her degree, it’s 140cm squared and her trademark sweets are all American this time, it’s vibrant and amazing, I can’t wait to see that finished.  Sarah’s work is playful, vibrant and fun, just like her. We had a lot of fun and I admire Sarah’s talent and approach. As we sat on the sofa and I showed her how we could review the images I’d taken LIVE, we fired off a few photos of the two of us too, you’ll see them at the end of this blog post. Budding artists keep your eyes peeled on her social media pages, as she holds fun themed workshops periodically.
EDIT: Scroll to the bottom for an incredible documentary about Sarah and about how her work began and how it progressed plus a frank and honest account about her mental illness.

Sarah_Graham_0021Sarah_Graham_0020Sarah_Graham_0017Sarah_Graham_0019Sarah_Graham_0018Sarah_Graham_0016Sarah_Graham_0015Sarah_Graham_the artistSarah_Graham_the artistSarah_Graham_0012Sarah_Graham_0011Sarah_Graham_0010Sarah_Graham_the artistSarah_Graham_0008Sarah_Graham_0007Sarah_Graham_0005Sarah_Graham_0004Sarah_Graham_0003Sarah_Graham_0002

Sarah_Graham_Sharon_Cooper 933 x 623


Sharon Cooper is a Hitchin wedding and portrait photographer covering London, Herts and the uk. Sharon provides creative photography for businesses. Please feel free to get in touch and tell me your plans. Find Sharon on Google+

Sarah has painted robots, wizard of oz, star wars characters, sweets, toys, budgies and much more. She had an exhibition locally with her bird paintings.  Her work is in private collections worldwide. She was also commissioned by the Kaiser Chiefs to paint Souvenir the album cover. Which is your favourite? Or maybe there’s something you wish she would paint? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear!

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