A look inside ‘Plastic Vintage’ – Home Interiors and Gifts by Dani

Plastic Vintage is the name that Dani’s company goes by. She uses colourful fabrics in her varied art. She is also a home interiors designer. It’s always a pleasure meeting new creatives and working with them, and I was delighted to hear from Dani from Plastic Vintage who needed some new photos for her website.  I remembered her eye catching scrabble art, having seen it exhibited locally, years ago, I recalled her beautiful use of colourful fabrics and the quirky original chunky scrabble letters, either spelling out family members names or lyrics or just uplifting words. Dani has a real eye for interior styling and colour and I just fell in love with her and her gorgeous house. She’s energetic, talented, humble and fun! We got on like a house on fire. Take a peek at these images here, and get in touch with her if you want some of her art, or you need her to sprinkle magic on your living space!

I adored all those juicy colourful haberdashery trimmings in her studio. She offers styling, advice on home decor, abstract art, bespoke lampshades and her original scrabble art too. You can get in touch with her via her website and I’d love to hear from you if you think I can help get some new and fresh images of your and your business too!



Dani’s cute cockerpoo Frodo always seemed to be the perfect addition to any photo I went to take, whether we wanted him in it or not!plastic_vintage__0027









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