Hay Bale Summer Jumping shoot with Poppy and Lulu

I met these two adorable sweethearts at a recent wedding and their mum asked me to capture their essence. I loved that they brought a selection of clothes to wear, they’d already decided it was like a full on fashion shoot! We met in Charlton, a tiny hamlet close to Hitchin, the girls excitedly climbed, jumped off and ran on top of a stack of haybales. “This is so us” said their mum. I cant tell you how much a pleasure it is to give them these memories of their childhood. To permanently freeze feelings they have for life and for each other. Have a look at their little countryside adventure, and towards the end, look out for their sweet, much-loved cat Missy, who followed us and also became part of the shoot.

Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0001Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0002Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0003Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0004Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0005Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0006Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0007Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0008Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0010Brave Poppy running right on top of the highest hay bale here, I had a job to keep up with her!Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0011Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0012Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0013Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0014Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0015Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0016Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0017Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0018Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0019Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0020Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0021Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0022Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0023Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0024Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0025Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0026Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0027

We left the cornfields and headed to this meadow close to their home…we spotted Missy the cat in the tall grass joining us.Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0028Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0029

Climbing over and hiding behind a beautiful old fallen tree that nature had left us.Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0031Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0032Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0033Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0034Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0035Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0036Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0037Poppy_Lulu_SharonCooper_0039

Poppy and Lulu, I feel like I made two new friends the day we took these, and hope you love them all and carry on jumping and smiling. Happy photos, why dont you let me know what your favourite place to play is, and which photo do you love the best?

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