Scarlet and Matthew – Amazing colourful wedding University of Sussex

Scarlet and Matthew are the most amazing couple. This wedding is everything marriage should be.  It’s a celebration and beautiful example of their love for each other and their friends and family, their taste in Modernist architecture, and skill at design and crafting .  It resulted in a most colourful and unique day, charged with love and underpinned with support and gratitude and DISCO!  They finish each other’s sentences and start each other’s trains of thought. They share a love of adventure & a large record collection. They sang “God only knows” by the beach boys and “Fantasy by Earth wind and fire in place of hymns. Gazing at each other meaning every god damn word. They spent near on three years searching for their wedding venue. The Meeting House at Sussex University was designed by Sir Basil Spence in the sixties -The coloured windows in the upper floor chapel were the inspiration for artwork used in the wedding invitation and was incorporated  throughout the rest of their details. They are massive crafters and produced interesting things that looked as if they couldn’t possibly be home-made. There were over 100 rosettes for guests to be adorned with, fixed to an oak tree outside venue each having a favourite love song lyrics on.  Scarlet wore a stunning silky gown and her friend made her a show stopping feather cape. There was an amazing ceiling of 500 balloons and lots of other multi coloured bits nodding to the coloured venue. The day was charged with love, Ive never witnessed anything like it. Im glad  I had Holly Deacon, second shooting, JUST so that we could share the amazing experience. They couldn’t wait to be married. They made an AMAZING cool as hell mix tape that they gave every guest that lasted exactly 1hr,11 minutes and 1 second. signifying that they are now truly “as one” All love songs mixed together coolest thing Ive seen given. So sit back, pour a gin and tonic and if you were lucky enough to be there, enjoy and if you weren’t, this is how to get married. Also,  a first for me, an Otter delivered a speech!

Bride’s Gown Hope & Harlequin, Brighton

Bride’s feather cape Jayne & Cape and Crown

Bride’s Crown Vanessa Roe
Flowers Buds and Blooms (with woven ribbon by Scarlet)
Groom’s Suit Les Hommes

Venue The University of Sussex Meeting House

Catering Casa Catering

Lighting by Innerstrings psychedelic lightshow


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