Okay, so wedding planning can feel like spinning plates, trying to work out all the curious things you need to do. You really don’t need another list of action points, but you’d probably still like to know how the photography bit works. And you’ll be reassured that most of these points are the things I’ll be working on while you focus on the other stuff …

  • Once we’ve decided we’re meant to be I’ll email you a contact form, with a list of all the info I need from you – everything from how your proposal happened to details about your day. You won’t need to do much thinking, just fill in the gaps on the form. And most couples find my form a really helpful extra checklist. The more info you can give the better, and you can keep sending me updates as things develop
  • I’ll also send you my brochure
  • We’ll confirm my availability matches your dates
  • If you live near me, we can meet up to have a chat and start to get to know each other over a cuppa or a G&T. Otherwise, we can chat on Skype
  • Once we’ve decided on timings, I’ll provide you with a quote as well as my contract
  • When you return the signed contract, you’ll need to pay me a deposit
  • We’ll make arrangements for your pre-wedding shoot. When you see your pre-wedding photos, you can start to get really excited about how your wedding photos are going to look
  • We’ll stay in contact right up to your wedding day. You can call or email me at any time with any questions, and I’ll keep checking in with you for info I still need
  • You’ll need to pay the remaining booking fee on the first of the month, the month before your wedding
  • Soon after you float back down to earth, you’ll receive a swanky box with all your photos on a beautifully packaged USB stick
  • Happily ever after

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