How many photos will we receive?
Can we see all of another client’s gallery?
How soon will we get our photos?
Do you travel?
Are you a full-time professional?
Can we meet you?
What if you’re ill on our wedding day?
What happens if we cancel our wedding?
How do we book?
How much will it cost and how do we pay?
Will there be extra costs?
Why do we need a pre-wedding shoot?
But I’m camera shy!

Do you take group shots?
Will you send black-and-white photos as well?
Do you offer a print service?
Who owns the copyright of the images?
Are you insured?
Do you use other photographers?
Shall we order food for you?
Do you shoot same-sex weddings?
Do you do other types of photography besides weddings?
What kit do you use?

These are real questions from couples I’ve worked with
Contact me if you have another question and I might well add it here!