Pre wedding photography session, why do I need one?

Most couples find the thought of engagement photography (or pre-wedding photography), of spending over an hour with a camera pointing at them, intimidating or possibly terrifying!! You’d be surprised how many of my couples tell me “I hate being in front of the camera”. Even some of those featured below said the same before their pre wedding shoots. Some couples say they worry they won’t know how to stand or that they will feel silly. If that’s you, let me convince you.



The main reason for a pre-wedding shoot is that to give us chance to meet and connect with each other. We find out more about each other and how we’d like to work together, and have fun! I won’t ask you to do anything cheesy, you will be relaxed, and YES, you’ll tell me afterwards you actually enjoyed it.


We’ll spend about an hour and a half in your given location, finding cool spots to shoot, and play about with different tones – playful, slightly ‘sending it up’, direct, honest, spontaneous …And I have a couple of techniques to help relax you and get honest, non-posed emotions.


I’m certain we will have a bit of a chat about the wedding after the pre-wedding shoot, over a cuppa or a G&T for me!


The images we create are a lovely record of the pair of you together, how you were feeling at that time. And the session will be a reminder on your Big Day, allowing you both to feel really comfortable and enabling me to get the best wedding photos for you.



Those couples that do have a pre-wedding shoot tell me they can’t wait to do it all again but in their wedding clothes! This means you will enjoy your special day all the more, you won’t be worrying about how you look in the photos as you will remember how much you loved the ones we took.  Most importantly, your TRUST in me will be doubled.


Maybe you like architecture, nature, a punch of colour or some urban decay. If you can’t come up with an idea where you’d like your shoot, I’ve got lots of ideas we can chat about. Wherever we meet, it will be all about the two of you!


Being engaged is exciting, with plans for your day bubbling away. I love hearing about how it’s all going and what you are looking forward to.


My couples that have an engagement shoot tell that it actually helps them focus on what’s left to do and to feel like ‘we are nearly there now’.


Hey wait a minute … you have a dog? And you want to bring him too? No problem!


So don’t worry – go for it, and enjoy!


Have a look at my pre-wedding portfolio
 Sharon Cooper is a Hitchin wedding photographer covering London, Herts and the UK. Sharon provides creative wedding photography, alternative wedding photography and destination weddings. Get in touch and tell Sharon your plans. Find Sharon on Google+



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